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Thread: Coloring books

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    Coloring books

    Someone posted a link to a site with children's coloring pages but I can't find it right now. There were some coloring pages on it and being a 56 year old geezer going on 10, I decided to color a few. This one was watercolor, I added a bump map separately. I'm doing another one in oil, then one in chalk, then marker then lastly for nostalgia, crayon. I'll have to have a pack of Oreos and glass of milk when I do that one.
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    I love it that you're trying so many ways of doing things! Well done! :0)

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    Heck if going back to childhood was good enough for Carl Jung, why not. And he didn't even have Oreos. Hahah. I can just imagine your teeth with that Oreo grin. Gross! Be sure to dunk.

    This looks successful. Nice compartmental work -- like a coloring book sensibility and it's quite graphically sound for it.
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