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Thread: So, I tried out Corel's Painter Lite ...

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    So, I tried out Corel's Painter Lite ...

    So, today I tried out Corel's trial version of their new program Painter Lite. All I can say is that it was horrible and shockingly primitive in comparison to ArtRage. And the programming code had to have been horrible, too, because while it didn't exactly make my computer setup choke, it definitely wasn't as smooth or responsive as ArtRage. (And I've got an Intel 2600K 3.4 GHz CPU with 4 cores, along with a good graphics card and 8 GB of RAM - come on.) Anyway, do yourselves a favor and don't even try this program out. Thank goodness for ArtRage. Kudos go out to the ArtRage team for having come up with such a wonderful product. Has anyone else tried out Painter Lite?

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    I tried Painter 12 before discovering AR....I had the same reaction....not snappy nor intuitive.

    AR is "lighter" in code and the "extras" in Painter don't seem to bother me or hinder what I need to do.

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    It came with my bamboo so I tried it even though I can't stand Corel. I agree, it was horrible.

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    M. Aster Guest

    The reason I use Painter

    I have been using Painter for many years and I find it beeing the best painting software there is for my professional needs. Some say it is hard to learn, I say no it is not. Just grab a tool and start painting! That is it!

    Still it can be a bit complex if you dig into it, like customise brush settings, paper settings, making nozzles, animation and such. But it can be hard to learn only for the lazy because as always with good software there is full documentation to get for free and a full help to get from the help file or from the Corel support (which is very quick and professional). There are also several books to read on how to use Painter if I want some good examples and inspiration. And a lot of free videos to watch on how to use Painter on YouTube and many professional training videos on, if you want to pay a small sum of money.

    The reason I use Painter is the programs flexibility, it's speed, it's functionality and the way I can customise it. Painter is not "primitive" or "badly coded" in any sense, that Omnimaxus suggests (maybe you looked into the Painter code?). It is a very advanced software that is easy to use if you are willing to give it some minutes on essential training. Just like you have to do if you like to master any other other good software, even ArtRage. If you are not lazy, that is.

    I love ArtRage for it's simple and intuitive interface. Some tools are very good. You don't need to compare Painter and ArtRage, not even Photoshop and ArtRage, or FreshPaint and ArtRage, or Gimp and ArtRage, or OpenCanvas and ArtRage... it is a bit unfair to do so... they are all good software in their own respects. That is what I think
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    No, haven't tried Painter Lite & wouldn't want to (except out of curiosity)--am sure I would find it "horrible" too.

    I've also been a long-term user of Painter (since P.5 in that paint can, long before Corel) and agree with much of what you say about it, M Aster. The natural media brushes are just awesome and have been so for yonks, long before anything else came anywhere near them. The customising possibilities are unlimited and a joy...

    Agree it's not hard to learn but the complex possibilities do need time and application to take on board which just isn't for everyone. I'm still learning all the time. It's worth every penny for me--it's gold-standard (like Photoshop is for editing nearly everything, InDesign is for layout & printing and CorelDRAW has been for vector work...IMHO)

    At present I've had AR on my iPad for a few days only. I find it slow, limited & power-hungry--BUT Very Exiting! And it's enough for me to recognise the quality & decide to buy AR Studio Pro as soon as my new PC is up & running.

    So not possible or fair for me to attempt to compare, even if I would want to.

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    Too much in love with Art Rage to try any other painting program but because I own PD Particles and Curvy3D, I'm on the mailing list for and get solicitation e-mails to purchase Project Dogwaffle... Have taken the bait yet....

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