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Thread: The world is poorer.............

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    The world is poorer.............

    after the loss of Ravi Shankar.

    A true Master.
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    He was a brilliant musician. I did not know until this year that Nora Jones, the singer, is his daughter.

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    He was a legend. Was really a trip seeing a clip of him looking so old playing. I still think of him as he looked at Monterey Pop. Movies are such time telescopes.

    I had not known that Nora Jones was his elder daughter either. I'm glad she crossed the boundaries musically with so much success. Also his younger daughter is nominated for a grammy, "competing" against her father in the World music category. The musical genius continues.

    55th Annual GRAMMY Awards Nominees |

    Edit newly added now that I know who his daughters are:

    This is his younger daughter playing. Not too shabby as a musician, and a bit of a looker as well. In this they show her as she is playing looking left and right at her accompanists. Her smile and look is so much like her dad's when he was thus communicating in performance.

    Anoushka Shankar - "Traveller" - On Canvas Preview - October 25th Episode - YouTube

    And both daughters:

    Easy feat Norah Jones Anoushk Shankar & Karsh Kale - YouTube
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    It is, Peter, but he lives on through music.

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