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Thread: transparent or 'pure' white background

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    transparent or 'pure' white background

    I am doing a logo design but when I save the graphic the background has a tint to it, not pure white; i've tried painting with "white" by using precise colour picker,etc.
    Using the canvas "cel" option gives me faint squares for a background that remain if I print or capture the image.

    Is there a 'transparent' canvas setting that will only show the lines with no background?...any other suggestions?

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    The gradient is part of the canvas lighting system. If you turn off canvas lights (Canvas Settings from the View Menu, or press F5) and set the canvas to white you should get a pure white background (paint texture will also be removed however). The checkers are part of the canvas transparency system, but if you export the image as PSD or PNG the background will be transparent.
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