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Thread: Am I Missing Something or would this be a good feature

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    Am I Missing Something or would this be a good feature


    Can someone tell me if I'm just overlooking this or if others even find this as annoying as much as I do.

    When I access ARTRage StudioPro for the first time after not using for a few days, would be really groovy if there was a pop up that told me what exact brush I was about to use (I have many custom brushes)when I begin using one of the tools in the tool picker panel at the bottom left. I have a myriad of different pen styles that are similar but just different by a few subtle characteristics. It seems like that when you are selecting a brush from the left bottom corner tool set, that if you hovered over it, might tell you what exact brush style it is that is about to be used. As it is,.....if I select it now,..I don't know if it's my brush tip #1,...#2,....#3 or #4.

    Does this make sense to anyone? I understand that you can go to the preset panel and select your brush from there,....but why not just have the name of the preset pop up when hovering over the brushes from the left panel? I don't use ArtRage everyday, so I tend to forget which preset I left off using from my previous session.

    Even with the presets panel open, would be great if when you selected a brush from the tool picker that it would highlight the preset that is being used. It doesn't do that.

    If I overlooked something,...please let me know.

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    I would LOVE the Preset to be highlighted!

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    Yes, I agree with you, and made a similar request some time ago.
    I hope that the developers will be able to add this feature, I don't think it should be too difficult technically, and it would significantly increase the ease of use of the many presets present in the program.

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