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Thread: New here and made some stuff LOL

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    Cool New here and made some stuff LOL

    Got all intrigued with attempting to make some stencils and presets and stickers ... so I admit my stuff isn't all that grand, just an entire day of not logging into World of Warcraft and bored beyond belief. I ADORE this program though and hope I did these right. They work on my computer and I zipped them all up to share them. Some stuff came from old old PSP tubes that I converted and customized back in the day.

    I would appreciate if someone tested them out and told me if they are working on other computers ... I can start making loads more every Tuesday as long as I know I'm saving these right. So here is the Zip file location on my skydrive.!394

    Hoping I didn't mess up and save the files wrong LOL

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    Welcome to the forums and thank you for sharing some of your content!

    The stencils images can be imported by people via the Stencils panel. The stickers will be possible for people to download and install by placing the stk files in their stickers folder and the corresponding preset in their sticker presets folders. There's a guide here which may help

    There's also easier way to export content which allows people to load the resulting file directly and install what they want from a list if you're using ArtRage Studio Pro.

    Choose 'create package file' from the File menu
    From here you can add groups of items like stickers and so on, then add any content to those groups.
    You can add a custom image that people will see when they open your package file, give it a name and add yourself as the author if you want.
    When the file is saved, it's saved as an 'arpack' file, which other people using ArtRage Studio or Studio Pro can install via File -> Install Package file. When they do this, it will display a list of content and they can install all or some of it automatically.

    You can find more info on package files on page 112 of the ArtRage manual ( Help -> ArtRage Help )

    I hope this helps!
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    My first made image

    It cannot compare to most of what the more experienced users have created but hopefully I will learn some tricks as I go to make my stuff more up to standard
    Be gentle !
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow. Thanks! Great effects. I'm crazy for your trees and crackle. And the lightening. And the, well, everything. I look forward to the AR Pack!

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    Going to follow the tutorials and package up the goodies I'm using as stencils and such. Made myself loads of them til I figure out how to do actual art : giggle :

    Made another pic for my daughter. I'll post my packaged up stuffies when I fully read the tutorial posted on how to do it :-)
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