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    Hello, I am trying to download ArtRage Studio Pro 3.5 onto my pc using Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. I have tried several times past few days without success. The download either doesn't start or gets stuck at 0 or 1%. Any help/advice would be appreciated, thanks.

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    Hi Red-Balloon
    Have you tried using a different web-browser?
    I just tried it with Firefox and had no problems downloading from the members area.
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    Thanks for your reply Markw. Yes, I tried using Firefox and the download got stuck on 28%. I noticed on the members page that AR is compatible with Windows 8, desktop mode. Not sure exactly what desktop mode means. My o/s is 64 bit.

    Never had any problems downloading AR using windows 7, but it developed problems and I am now using a new pc with windows 8 64 bit. Tried turning off my firewall but didn't make any difference. Since posting this query, I notice I am not able to other files either such as Winzip. Again the download gets stuck at a certain point. I wonder if the problem lies with the variation in the bit versions, 32 v 64 bit. My service provider says no problems are showing from their perspective as download speeds are very good, it's a puzzle.
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    I sent you a reply yesterday in response to your email, but I'm not sure if you recieved it. Unfortunately if you're not able to download files reliably from other websites as well this will relate to your connection. I'll email you shortly with a direct downlaod link for the installer which I've placed on another web server.

    If this doesn't help, I'd recommend talking further with your ISP, as unfortuantely there isn't anything we can do with the website specifically if you're having general problems downloading files from the internet. Let them know that larger files from multiple websites are not completely downloading. Download speed is not necessarily going to be related to download reliability.
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    So sorry for the delay in responding Dave. I was off air for a while sorting out problems with my new pc running Windows 8. Not sure if the problems were down to a hardware issue or Windows 8, maybe both but after two factory resets and two system refreshes, loss of emails and reinstallations of programmes, think I am up and running. Hopefully the nightmares are behind me. I have since installed AR4.

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