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Thread: "An error occurred on attempting to create a menu" ?

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    "An error occurred on attempting to create a menu" ?

    I was using Artrage Studio Pro 3.0.8 when it decided not to save the file and crashed. Actually it has saved it ok but now when i open the program i get an error message and then the toolbar at the top is blank (no File, Edit.. etc)
    I closed all my programs, restarted the computer, and it's the same each time. Any suggestions please? I love the program this is the first problem i've had with it, i don't know what i did differently or why it has suddenly failed while i was using it.

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    I think I may have replied in email - The problem sounds like a permissions issue or that one of the files in the application bundle has been damaged. If you run Disk Utility and repair permissions does that help (I'm assuming OS X here)? If not, downloading the installer again may help. Otherwise, we'll need to know the type of computer you're running on and the operating system. If you did get a reply by email, you can ignore this request and reply to my mail and we can troubleshoot directly.
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