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Thread: Got the shakes, need some... info?

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    Got the shakes, need some... info?

    I'm just so curious! What's going on at the AD office?
    What's the next thing? Ipad performance-boost?
    New features for StudioPro?
    A contest?
    A sing-along?
    Some hints that something's going on?

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    Whats happinin


    Have a look in the ArtRageUS Magazine this month......relax....don't Happy!

    Dec 1st 2012 Issue

    Have a great Holiday Season!

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    Thank's Bobbyray, I'll keep an eye out for it!
    Nice to see ARUS is still going strong, haven't read it for a while

    Merry only 26-days-away-X-mas!


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    Things have been pretty hectic here for a few months now, which is why we've been a bit quiet. As you may know, we expanded the team recently and we're working on a number of things at the moment. We're just not quite ready to talk about them yet so I'm afraid I've come here to answer your question without much actual info

    That said, at least a couple of the things on your list are definitely on the cards (and I can confirm that we can't sing)...
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