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Thread: Can't paint some parts of page?

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    Can't paint some parts of page?

    3.5.5 Pro full version on a Windows 7 PC

    Just started out, I was making some random marks on a brand new image using my mouse. I am finding that towards the right hand edge of the page, strokes just don't appear.

    The cursor moves, but no paint is applied.

    Now if I drag the page over so that the right edge of the page is more towards the centre of the screen, it works ok.

    Any ideas?

    It appears to work all right with my bamboo tablet, so it isn't the end of the world, but I sometimes feel like doodling with the mouse.

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    This isn't something I've seen before, very strange. Mouse input to ArtRage is pretty standard so it's unlikely that you'll be able to change anything in ArtRage which would help. This could be caused by another application running in the background interacting with mouse input somehow.

    Try closing down other programs and utilities ( check your taskbar at the bottom right ) before launching ArtRage to see if this makes any difference.

    What sort of mouse are you using? Have you tried launching ArtRage without using the stylus at all, then using the mouse and does this change the behavior?
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