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    I'm using a wacom with limited number of buttons, often with the pad tilted and keyboard behind so I have a few ideas for the spacebar...

    How it is now---

    1) Spacebar +LMB click = full screen
    2) Spacebar + LMB drag = pan (same as RMB drag)
    2) Spacebar + alt + LMB drag = rotates canvas
    3) SPacebar + shift +LMB drag = zooms canvas
    X) Hold spacebar, klick LMB for full screen, keep spacebar pressed, LMB hold and drag for pan, klick again to exit full screen (keep spacebar pressed), spacebar + LMB hold and drag -> fail, paints instead of pan... bug??
    Seems you can't switch between functions more than 1 time.

    What I would like ---
    1) Spacebar + LMB click = fullscreen toggle (OK)
    2) Spacebar + LMB drag = zoom
    3) Spacebar + RMB click = center and rezoom
    4) Spacebar + RMB drag = pan (same as normal RMB, to not confuse user)
    5) Spacebar + MMB click = reset rotation
    6) Spacebar + MMB drag = rotate canvas
    And if we want to get fancy... yes we do
    7) Spacebar + LMB + RMB drag = flip horizontal or vertical (center (with radius) at cursor on activation is "normal", moving cursor to 1 of 4 sectors around it will flip the canvas temporarily, resets when released)

    I also want an option to show a radial menu or something with these options illustrated or written when the spacebar is pressed.

    Translated to touch: replace spacebar with a 5-finger touch (left hand) and LMB with 1 finger (right hand), RMB with 2 fingers, MMB with 3.

    (Any1 up for a script-write??)


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    Hehe, I suddenly realized (#angel choire#) that the usual alt/shift + RMB controls are pretty much all one need.
    Thought I'd mention that so Dave or Matt don't have to.

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