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Thread: Warm fuzzy feeling

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    Warm fuzzy feeling

    There's something special with ArtRage. Sometimes, even though I didn't have time to paint that day I start ArtRage up just to see it.
    It gives me that tingling feeling, knowing that anything is possible in my personal software space that is the ArtRage UI. Warm, welcoming and helpful. Inspiring.
    Same thing with the forums. Always a friendly tone in threads, helpful enthusiasts everywhere - more warm fuzzy feeling

    Thank you AD-people and thank you all here on the forum!


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    Thatís a very astute observation, I know exactly where you are coming from, particularly in relation to the AR UI and itís toolbox, canvasses and papers. Iím no artist, but know I can achieve the best I can, in any medium, using AR. Itís only myself holding my creativity back. Itís also one of the very few program's that is complete and youíre not left waiting for something to be fixed in the next version. Thatís not to say Iím not looking forward to the next version. ;-)
    Good planets are hard to find - help look after ours.

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    Good point, no "version-hunting" is a good thing, I think it's part of what makes me feel "at home" in ArtRage.
    Although I do look forward to some tweaks and features but it's more "pimp my program", not showstoppers

    More warm fuzzy for everyone!

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    Ditto! The possibilities are endless, and there's that lovely blank canvas always there calling you.......

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    Hello, nice to see you like this software. I'm a fan of it, it just opens so many new ideas. I just started playing with it recently, it's new for me, but I've discovered many new things! Like it

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