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    Wish list

    Hi, I am desperately missing an option I use very often in Photoshop:
    Adjust Color Balance.
    I know ArtRage can change the Hue of an image, but that has not the versatility of fiddling with separate RGB channels.
    If anyone knows how to do this in ArtRage I would be very happy to know, so I do not have to migrate to PShop to do this.
    If not, I would suggest to put this on the wish list for upcoming versions.

    Thanks in advance,


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    ArtRage isn't designed to be an image editing application so we don't have the range of adjustment tools you'll find in Photoshop. The Color Adjustment system from the edit menu is the only tool we have for this kind of adjustment. If you want to work specifically with RGB channels I'd suggest exporting to PSD and using the tools Photoshop has available.
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    Not quite sure of this, however I guess some rudimentary correction would be possible using layers and blend modes???
    At least for smaller areas. Anyway, unless your monitor is calibrated there's not much point
    Use GIMP, free.

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    Color adjustment

    Hi all, I understand I will have to switch for this - as I already do until now - to Photosgop.
    It works fine but takes more steps to do so as when it would be incorporated in ArtRage.
    Thanks for your replies,


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