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Thread: Keyboard shortcuts

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    Keyboard shortcuts


    Just a suggestion about keyboard shortcuts. Would it be possible to have (at least for the Windows version - since Macs don't have that) ALT+ shortcuts for top menus? Such as ALT+F would open the file menu, etc. And also for some menu items, to have the standard windows underlined shortcut keys (such as when, say, L is underlined, pressing L would execute the command), besides the usual CTRL commands. This way, virtually all menu commands could be programmed into the WACOM pen's menu and you could select them via the pen's button.

    Another thing. Now that AR became my favorite painting program (sure, photoshop and painter is here, too, but AR have it's own wonderful personality) would it be possible to "standardize" certain keys that are used in painting packages - at least in the major ones? For example, both photoshop and painter uses the [ key to decrease and the ] key to increase the brush size. AR uses SHIFT+Left/Right arrow, which does make sense, but people (like myself) who done lots of PS and Painter work got used to the [] keys.

    Currently the painting tools are assigned to the keys 1-0 plus 2 extra. As I was reading the threads for various suggestions, and requests for more tools, it will become apparent that the keys for selecting tools will soon (or in the future) will run out :-)

    So why not use - again - the same ol' PS/Painter trick to use the 1-0 keys to set the pressure sensitivity. Pressing 3 would set the value to 30. Pressing 3 and 5 fast (equivalent to 35) would set it to 35, etc. Then "donate" the arrow keys to the actual selection of the tools in the tool bin. I know the toolbin might change to accomodate more tools, but in the current layout the left/right arrow keys could select tools in "rows" - that is, it would select tools from the same "circle" - and the up/down arrows would select tools in "columns" - that is, it would move the selecting one "circle" up or down in the toolbin.

    Anyway. Just some thoughts. Keep up the great and wonderful work you guys do! AR Rocks!

    PS: Don't you hate when you work so hard and then people give you their own ideas about how things should work/function... and how you should change it...? :-)

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    i have another idea! about the hot keys! if we have in the future over like one brush type, say oil,water color and ink, then pressing "1" once will load the oil brush pressing "1" twice will load watercolor and so on, like a game, most first person games use that, and its quiet handy! just a suggestion tough, and i didn't know that [ ] change the brush size for ps and painter! new thing learned eeks! heheh.


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    hi, what about letting users make their own shortcut panel (similar to photoshop), from which we can share one another...

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    I'm all for putting the change brush size shortcuts to [ and ]. The big disadvantage with Shift+Cursor keys is that it requires 2 hands and therefor I have to take the pen off the tablet, which breaks the workflow.

    But I'd also be happy with an option to modify the shortcut-keys so I can set it myself...

    One thing I'd really like to see aswell is a foreground/background-color thing like in photoshop that you can switch with x. That's also a feature that I use extensively in photoshop, because it makes it so easy to switch between painting highlights and shadows...

    Oh, and since I'm already at it... I think it would be great to make all the color-pickers interactive. having to click ok is redundant for me and also sort of inconsistent as the main picker is interactive too... just make it disappear when I move the mouse away...

    Did I mention how much I love ArtRage? Oh the wonderful simplicity! Oh the beautiful interface!

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    I am also in favor of assigning the change brush size shortcuts to [ and ]. I agree that the disadvantage with Shift+Cursor keys is that it requires 2 hands and therefore I have to take my hand off the mouse/tablet/coffee which breaks my workflow.
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    Keyboard shortcuts & LED Keyboards

    I'v been thinking about keyboard shortcuts. LED Keyboards have the option of putting any picture in the key itself. One only needs to define what that key is.

    So, for example, I could put the brush tool on Q and then brush sizes on w, e, r, t and brush shapes on y, u, i, o, etc.

    The same could be done for any tool.

    Another option with keyboard shortcuts is to assign pallete colors to keys, say a splotch here, etc. switching colors would be as simple as hitting a key.

    An example of an LED keyboard is here. Basically you load a picture to each coresponding key. When your done, you simply change back.

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