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Thread: Color-technique for concept art

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    Color-technique for concept art


    does anybody know with which pen or brush I am able to paint like this:
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    It's especially about the grey creature-like chozo-thing (yes, metroid-fan ) and the big, red animal-type of I don't know.
    I did great advances in the last month using color and stuff (normally i only use a sharpened pencil, but since i got to work with artrage I was really curious about using colors), but I just don't know how to get that pointy(?)-like blur-technique that this guy used here.
    Any advices?



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    To get the pointy bits done, you can do your brush strokes on a separate layer, then Erase it back to a sharp point.... or draw in your shape with an Ink Pen or whatever to Fill Bucket in to the points. All your colour shadings could be done the same way with layers. I'm sure others will have their own methods to add.

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