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    Talking hello all

    hello ladies and gentlemen

    i'm steff from metropolitan france and i own
    art rage 2.6 registered

    i have a problem , i would like to paint under
    sketches made under blackink a wonderfull software
    made by a friend

    and i do not find the way to have alpha channel under
    the trace made before under this software or gimp

    is there any way to do ?

    thanx a lot for reading


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    I'm not familiar with 2.6, but if I understand you correctly, you just need to create a layer under your black sketch layer. Then on that, fill in your colours. If you have already drawn your lines, put a layer on top and rotate it underneath.

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    Hi Stéphane,

    welcome to the forum.
    I did not completely understand your question, could you upload an image to better explain the situation?

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    Hi Steff and welcome.

    I'm not sure I completely understand your question either - but if it is that you have black and white drawings that you'd like to add colour to . . .

    One popular way is once the drawing is loaded into AR as a layer, change the 'layer blending mode' to something like 'multiply'. That will make the layer mostly transparent. It is an additive blending mode that makes things darker by adding its tone to combine with any content on a layer below. So black the lines will overlay any painting you do on a layer underneath, while areas of white will not show because they have no tome to add. Any mid tones (greys etc) wil darken what's below according to their value.

    1 - load your drawing to a layer
    2 - change the layer belnding mode to multiply
    3 - add a layer below
    4 - paint away on that lower layer/s

    Hope that is answering what I think the question is.

    Best of luck - dont forget to share the results with us.
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    Wink hello hello :)

    hello gentlemen yes thanx a lot for welcome messages and your advicesthe thing i will try at least tomorrow to dois to import a black and white drawingmade under blackink (cool drawing programtoo with gpu used) under artrage 2.6and put off the white areas. i will tryto import it as a layer as you told meand then touch about operations asmultiply and allthanx a lot i go back to you with plentyof questions soonregardsstéphane

    edit: thanx a lot i works fine ! going to paint right now )) thanx yet
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