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Thread: Digital Painting meets Analog Painting

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    Digital Painting meets Analog Painting

    Hey dear readers.

    I have almost no experience with analogous colors (oil, acrylic and so on). Is it good if I go back analogg paint (I dont want leave Digital Painting). Digital works with finishing in analog painting?

    In short words.
    Artrage / Digital Artwork => Printing => Analog finishing ... I think maybe mostly to made glazes or some handmade adds ....

    I dont know, but if I want to start paint analogy again / made an analog finishing ... I need some ideas. But I read very good things about "GOLDEN OPEN" acrylic colors

    Is there anyone experienced with analog painting?

    Here also a short video for glazing maybe anyone can made from a digital artwork an unikat, and made it more eycandy?

    ps. I know also, that is important be good in digital art / drawings is it important to draw real on paper ... thats maybe a little bit the same, like painting?
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    Hi zero,

    My short answer to your questions is that successful artists in history have made up their own rules.

    Do what ever you find is creative. I have seen lots of paintings which have started off as digital and been painted over with oil/acrylic.

    Analogue painters, and I have been one for almost 30 years, change over to digital for a variety of reasons-- experimental, little or no studio space, economy. In my own case I have to confess to a depressive illness, the overall fatigue from which, has robbed me of the excitement I used to get in painting with real paint on canvas. There are no storage problems with digital. I just upload my images to a site in the clouds from where they are chosen and printed out by whoever wants to buy them.

    My painting over the last 18 months has all been done on an ipad. I do find there is still a place for large format drawing on paper especially outdoors where the sun is too bright to use the ipad. Transferring drawings on paper into the ipad is quick and easy, and they can quickly be imported into apps such as Artrage.

    I hope my comments help,

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