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Thread: Web buttons

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    Nov 2012

    Web buttons

    Hi Everyone. I am a video editor and wanted to make some nice glossy buttons in artrage. is this simple or should i stick too photoshop ? All help welcomed.

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    Mar 2012
    My thoughts are AR can do some things really well, but you can't get the 3D effect as with pillow emboss, etc. AR does have metallic colours, which could make them a bit quirky and interesting, and you could mix paint colours together for your buttons or use sticker sprays, and get some novel results. Of course, sticker sprays do have some good round buttons already in there. But for finishing, I would probably go back to PS.

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    For a push button solution stick with Photoshop. If you are crafting your work by hand, either one will work nicely.
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    A versatile (and cheaper) alternative to using photoshop, that has great button making capabilities, is Xara Photo and Graphic design. There’s tutorial on making buttons here: You can then import/export your buttons into/out of AR as *.png files.
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    You can use the freeware Inkscape, very suitable for the job.
    Here there is a tutorial just for buttons:

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