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Thread: Eraser tool using stylus stuck on lowest pressure sensitivity; layers pod selection

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    Eraser tool using stylus stuck on lowest pressure sensitivity; layers pod selection

    Hi guys...

    I'm running ArtRage 3.5.5 on a Fujitsu T901 tablet pc running Win 8 Demo on a 64 bit machine.

    Two 'bugs' to report...

    1. Eraser tool. When using the stylus, no matter what I do, I can't get it to apply full pressure to any erase. It takes several sweeps over a drawing section to erase something completely. Using my finger (ie, not the stylus), the eraser operates at whatever pressure the tool is set to.

    2. In the layers pod, when it's positioned top right of the screen, and I select blend properties, it seems as if there's some sort of interference going on in the pen input. It often jumps to an incorrect blend, one that I didn't select, as if I've pressed near the top of the screen.

    Any news of a new version? Any chance of an Android version? Win8 Pro version?

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    The eraser issue sounds like a problem with driver settings for the eraser. If other pressure input is working okay then the eraser tip, which uses the same system to provide data to the app, is probably sending different info. The pressure dial on the settings panel for the eraser tool can be used to up the base pressure if it looks like there's no way to change the pressure level of the eraser in your tablet settings.

    Regarding the blend menu - This is an OS menu and we don't actually handle any of the stylus input events for it, the OS handles the click events in the menu and sends us the result. It sounds as if there might be a stylus inaccuracy at the edge of the screen or, if the device supports touch, perhaps a touch event is being generated by a finger brushing the screen which is causing the invalid registration. We've definitely noticed lower accuracy at the edges of the screen on some devices (not in ArtRage specifically) and I believe this is related to the hardware.

    We should be able to provide some information on the next update soon, the Suggestions forum has a thread on the Android version (which will be updated with more info shortly), and you should find that ArtRage 3 works fine on Win8 Pro. Windows 8 RT is something we're looking at currently but the new model requires a complete rewrite of the application front end system so it's not imminent.
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