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Thread: This would totally knock my socks off!!!

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    This would totally knock my socks off!!!

    What if, when we hold down 'ctrl' to drag out a "straight line rubberband", we could add holding down the 'alt' key and change the behavior to "circle lock" and be able to draw a perfect circle around the original point at the distance from said point where we pressed the 'alt' key?!?!

    Would that not be cool!
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    That would be helpful, and with some sort of way to get the last stroke (in this case a circle) into the transform tool.
    It would mean that the user can create ellipses fast and easy. Mostly for quick sketching or concepts. But since that's what I do
    I'm biased

    So, I'll see your circle tool and raise you a "last stroke transform"

    Edit: I do realize that a stencil could do the job, it's what I usually do, just transform it and go, but it would be a nice feature none the less to be able to edit the last stroke.
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    Sounds interesting. Didn't use that feature. Will give it a try. Somehow I managed to do everything nice with no ctrl and stuff like that

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