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Thread: Not getting art rage?

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    Unhappy Not getting art rage?

    Hello. So recently I purchased a Wacom Bamboo Tablet for myself as a treat for my birthday. On the box it says it comes with ArtRage and Sketchbook. So I was pretty happy with that. I later figure out that the Sketchbook version does not work with my mac version, so I ended up having to but that program. Now, I wanted to go and get the ArtRage program as well, but when I put the ArtRage CD in, it asks for a serial number.. I looked all over the box, inside, outside, and could not find a serial number anywhere. Do I not get the program, or does anyone know where the serial number would be?

    If I could get a answer to this asap, that would be awesome. Thank you in advance!


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    If the product is on CD with the tablet the registration key (ArtRage 2 - 20 digit key) or serial number (ArtRage Studio / Studio Pro - 25 digits split in to groups of 5) should be printed on the CD cover or in the box. If the product was a download from Wacom's site then they should have sent an email with the details.

    Unfortunately we don't have access to any information regarding keys for Wacom customers but if you get in touch with Wacom customer support they should be able to help.
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    Welcome aboard Madster, i seem to remember you have to registered your bamboo on the wacoms site to get the serial number, once registered you download the software and are given the number.
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