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Thread: Couple suggestions from a new user

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    Couple suggestions from a new user

    This is a great product and I am loving it. I hope to have more to show soon. I have some ideas for tools which may or may not be useful as I have limited painting experience and have been using the tool for only a few hours.

    1. Some sort of texture or sponge tool. If we could add custom 'sponges' that would be great. I think it might be useful for painting some surface textures.

    2. 'One stroke painting' brush (not sure if the term is copyrighted but saw Donna Dewberry on tv one day and seemed interesting. I was struggling to paint a very thing long and curvy aquatic water plant stem and it was a chore. I figure with some sort of brush that allowed you to put two or more colors on it say with a highlight color on one side, and a shadow on the other you might be able to make one long stroke. Hope that makes sense. Here's a image of what I mean, two colors on the brush

    3. Ability to change the lighting direction of the glitter or two select 'up' or 'down' I was using the glitter to add texture to some stones and realized if the lighting was opposite it would also serve to make 'pits' in the surface.

    4. Ability to use an image as a stencil. For example if I want a smooth curvy shape - like my plant- I could create a mask or guide in Photoshop, lay it on a layer in art rage, paint over the 'cut out' shape, and when I remove the mask would have a perfect stencil shape.

    Just a few random ideas for you. I'm off to play with AR a bit longer when I should be sleeping.

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    Well described.

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