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Thread: ArtRage: English to french version?

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    ArtRage: English to french version?

    hello everybody
    I have the complete version of this software in english(ma seconde langue), however I would like to know if there is a means of having it in French so that my nephews who does not understand English can use on my computer, it would be really sympathetic,like using a french "patch"????
    thank you for them

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    ArtRage is available in English, French and German.
    You can download the French version of the ArtRage 2.2 Full installer here:

    You'll need to enter your EMail address and the Registration Key that was sent to you when you first purchased ArtRage.

    If you dont have that information, send a note to giving as many details about your original purchase as you can - what your original EMail address was, whether you purchased from our online reseller Kagi or eXchange, when you purchased.
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    Thank you for information.

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