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Thread: Precise Tablet issue, Brush size issue and many more

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    Unhappy Precise Tablet issue, Brush size issue and many more

    Recently I became an owner of a Cintiq 24HD Touch.

    Yesterday I added ArtRage to my collection as an alternative to Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

    I have some issues though with Artrage.

    1st. Brush Size is not controllable through the touch ring. I have to click and drag at its small area down-left at monitor.

    2nd. I cannot rotate the objects neither the canvas through multi-touch. I have seen a video demo with someone using multi-touch on ArtRage and doing zoom and rotate with the multi-touch function of 24HDT tablet.

    3rd and most crucial.
    If I will not have Precise Tablet enabled I have slightly wobbly / wavy lines (very very slightly). Not perfectly smooth as in SketchBook Pro.
    If I enable the Precise Tablet option, the lines become smooth BUT the line begins to appear a couple of mm left of the cross cursor. Thus making drawing awkward and painful.

    I reinstall ArtRage, I did the same with the tablet drivers no luck. I changed USB also.

    Any advise?

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    Check that you have:

    1/ The latest version of Artrage 3.5.5
    2/ The latest version of the tablet driver and that when you uninstalled, you restarted your computer before installing that latest version
    3/ In Edit -> Preferences -> Input device you have wintab off and realtime stylus on.

    For tablet ring settings, you'd need to configure these in your Wacom tablet properties. You can create a profile in your Wacom tablet utility for ArtRage specifically. ArtRage uses left and right arrow keys for decreasing and increasing tool sizes.

    If you want touch gestures, ArtRage is supporting this with realtime stylus on ( The Microsoft standard ). Make sure in your Wacom driver settings that you are using Windows gestures, not Wacom gestures.

    It is normal for ArtRage media which uses a rendered stroke to be slightly behind the cursor until you mouse up / lift the stylus. Check that this isn't what you're seeing and that it's in one direction only.

    If you still have problems, please email me at with the details including which operating system you're using and I can do some further troubleshooting with you.
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