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Thread: Windows 8 woes

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    Windows 8 woes

    Odd one this - running 3.5.5. Software behaving perfectly fine in Windows 7 - but with the upgrade to Windows 8, it seems to struggle with my Wacom Bamboo Fun. The Wacom itself will act normal in Window's own native environment, but soon as I boot Artrage Studio Pro, it restricts the tablets space to the top left side of my screen in a boxed space.

    The Wacom is fully updated as is Studio Pro
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    This indicates that ArtRage is recieving bad coordinate data from your tablet which is generally caused by a driver problem or incorrect tablet mapping settings in your tablet utility.

    In ArtRage, go to Edit -> Preferences -> Input Device and uncheck 'use realtime stylus' then make sure that 'use wintab' is checked to make sure that you're using the right input settings for your tablet and restart ArtRage when prompted.

    If that doesn't help, check the mapping settings in your Wacom tablet utility.

    If you still have problems I'd recommend uninstalling the Wacom driver, restarting your computer, then reinstalling the latest driver downloaded from the Wacom website ( Note: I don't think Wacom currently have Windows 8 drivers available for that tablet, it'd be worthwhile checking ) to make sure that there wasn't an underlying problem. This helps to ensure the driver install is done cleanly. This is the most common solution for the sort of problem you described.

    Please email me at if you need more help and I'll be happy to do some further troubleshooting with you.

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