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Thread: having trouble getting saved .ptg files back right

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    having trouble getting saved .ptg files back right

    I am having an issue where I will save a file in .ptg form, but when I pull it up through art rage, it gives me the image but it is all compressed and the layers are gone. I have opened up these different files before and they were fine, but for some reason all of my .ptg files don't have layers. Is there any way to get them back?

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    If you open a PTG file using the Import option in the File menu that compresses the layers down to a flat image, are you opening them using that or the Open option? The only time a document can lose its layering is when it's exported to an image format (rather than saved out to PTG), when it's imported as an image (or imported to a layer), or when it's flattened in the application itself.

    If opening the file normally doesn't help let us know how they were saved and we can look in to it.
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    Thanks for the help! I think I may have been importing the image instead of just using the "open painting" button.

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