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Thread: Urgent help please - how to transfer picture from Artrage 2 to powerpoint

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    Urgent help please - how to transfer picture from Artrage 2 to powerpoint

    Hello, I would really appreciate some help in basic instruction please. I'm arty not techy and have a deadline at work which is why I'm panicking a bit.

    I have the Bamboo pen, artrage 2 CTL-470K-EN and am creating images that need to be transferred onto powerpoint but each time I try and import or export on powerpoint the message is a small box with an X at the top right that wont allow me to see the image.

    Sorry for the description as I said, not techy.

    Would love to hear from anyone that can help.

    Thank you

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    I've never used power point, but the first thing that comes to mind, whenever I hear "transfer", is how are you saving the images? If you're saving them with file > save, they are being saved as .ptg files, which are ArtRage native files, and can't be read by power point. Try using file> export file instead, and save them as .png images (keep a backup of your .ptg files though, too. You may need them to make changes to the originals in the future).
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    Red face Export your images

    Someonesane is correct. You should EXPORT your images. I can't say for sure Powerpoint works with PNG images but it absolutely works with JPG images. Then, as in all Office files choose Insert>Picture>from file.

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