I'm not sure if this has already been suggested or if it is even in the works, but I have a suggestion for layer naming.

I'm not getting the feeling that Artrage Studio Pro was designed for people like us, who work with lots of layers (maybe 100). But since Artrage is powerful enough to cope easily with that many layers, we're using it as such. We name the layers and put them into groups of course, to keep everything organised, but we then have to rename them all again manually when exporting the layers individually as .png files. (If there's a quick way of exporting all the layers to separate files I'd love to know it.)

Upon export, if Artrage were to automatically name the layers according to the names designated already by user, that would be a big help. I think it would be a small help even for people using far fewer layers than us.

I'd also love to be able to simply click somewhere on the bottom portion of a layer thumbnail to name it rather than going each time to the drop down menu. I see that it's already possible to do this without the drop down menu, but only when renaming, not when assigning a name for the first time.

Hopefully this wouldn't be too time consuming to add to this excellent program.