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Thread: Various suggestions and comments

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    Various suggestions and comments

    Love the app. Here's some things that I've run into that I think would make it even better.

    On some of the adjustments of the tools, it seems like the scaling could be modified. For instance, on the taper control of the tendril airbrush tool, it seems like most of the action takes place at the lower end of the scale. Changing even 1 or 2 percentage points can make a big difference. Which results in having to make the setting with the keyboard. If the scaling were different it would be easier to adjust. There are other controls for other tools that act this way too.

    Being able to save your favorite tool and their settings would be nice. I sometimes forget what settings I made and have trouble reproducing them.

    Sometimes the tool selected won't be highlighted and I don't remember which one I'm using.

    This is really trivial, but I'm not in love with the green color that you use in the tool interface. Could you make it changeable?

    Thanks, Bob

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    I agree, the tool being used in the list needs to be highlighted. You sometimes bang around trying different ones to remember which one you liked.

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