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Thread: Filling in a object...

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    Filling in a object...

    I read in another post of what someone suggested on filling in an object with another color. Is this the only option we have for a "Fill" or perhaps "Paint" featured within Artrage?

    What I'm asking about is if I make a circle for example...and I want to fill that with black, does ArtRage have a feature to quickly do that?

    I really enjoy what I'm working with so far. ArtRage has enough tools to do what I'm looking for (Fill?), but yet not overly complicated. Right now I'm using it to perfect my cartooning/comics so I get my strip going. Looks like ArtRage will be the way to go!


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    Hi Cowski,

    We don't have a fill tool as such. You can however use a tool like the paint roller ( especially at low pressure if you want thicker paint ) to block in large areas, but there's currently not a way to specify an area and auto-fill it if that makes sense.
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