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Thread: Inexpensive Giclee printing site

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    Inexpensive Giclee printing site

    I use this site to have my ArtRage paintings made into Giclee canvases. I highly recommend them. I have a ViewSonic Monitor and my painting's color matches exactly to what they produce. Here's the link:

    Take a look at their prices. I think you'll agree they are inexpensive. Usually takes about a month to 6 weeks for them to arrive at your door.
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    Judith, thank you for this information. I have wanted to have some of my Art Rage work printed but have been reluctant to do so basically because of my perceived idea that the cost would be prohibitive. Also, I have been wary of the outcome, would it look good, etc. Your comments and the information presented on the website have me thinking I may just give this a go. Thank you again!

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    Thankyou Judith for the info, have checked it out and a lot cheaper than other sites, great info

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    Thanks, a good lead.
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    Great start indeed. I'll have to see what the shipping costs added to that would amount to. But it's a very cool idea. I've never done one, so it would be fun to see how it shakes out.
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  6. I used the giclee factory two years ago and was very pleased with the results, especially on paper. I also got a couple of prints on canvas, and wasn't wild about the sheen of the clear protective finish they use. It reminds me of a vinyl picnic tablecloth. However, I recently saw the same sheen on a large-format canvas giclee print in an art gallery, with a multi-thousand dollar price tag.

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    Giclee canvas print

    FINALLY! Through trial and error I've found the best giclee company. I wanted to reproduce my paintings and couldn't afford prices like Canvas on Demand. I tried the Giclee Factory months ago because of this forum and I agree with Steve, it had a vinyl look and feel to it

    This company has similar prices but a much richer look of canvas which is 100% cotton and protected and guaranteed for life. Best of all, I received it within a week rather than the month I waited with The Giclee Factory.


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    I like this company in UmeŚ

    I like this company in UmeŚ, very high quality and good prices. Print on watercolour paper, photopaper, canvas, acrylic, alu, textile or wallpaper. Quick delivery too...So if you live in Sweden, I highly recommend Name:  logga.jpg
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  9. It looks to me like Wall Warmers is almost twice as expensive as The Giclee Factory.

    I saw an interesting solution to the sheen problem recently: matte finish gel medium, brushed on in layers to create surface texture. Looked great, but the artist, a photographer, quipped that it would have been quicker to just make an oil painting.

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