Hi Ragers

December 1st 2012 Special Issue is progressing with a few submissions so far. We need more. Subject is: "YOUR BEST AR PAINTING" only 1 please.
If you have a story/article to include let me know, no worries.....this is our magazine just for Ragers by Ragers.

I am also having a special story by a surprise artist on 3d human interactive art. What's thaT? Hu?

Well, basically...... a painting with a frame well inside the borders, the painting is inside the frame and partially extends outward of the frame. Imagine you are looking at a painting on a wall and the subject comes out of the frame onto the wall and/or floor in places....a real person can actually walk up and interact with it. That is 3d human interactive art. I have posted an example for you. Have some fun for yourself.
This was my first attempt at it.
Click image for larger version. 

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Want to try it? I will include 1 painting per Rager in the Dec 1st Issue. Send it to me anytime when you have it done at: bobbyray42@gmail.com

Happy Painting Ragers!!!!!