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Thread: Loaded palette knife angle

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    Loaded palette knife angle


    I have using the loaded palette knife to paint with. I can lock the rotation at a few angles; however, if I need a specific angle to lock it at the 'lock percentage' tool is very inaccurate.
    I cannot get a straight vertical lock and also the percentage tool does not mimic the actual angle acheived.

    I cannot see on the forum if anyone else has raised this issue.
    Will there be a fix for this put in place soon?

    Also, it would be nice if there was more loading to the palette knife so that the paint was 'thicker'.


    I use Artrage studio pro 3.5.4 with windows 7
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    I think I see what you're referring to there. Set the percentage numerically to 25% to ensure that the palette knife is at a vertical angle rather than dragging the slider to 25. To do this, click on the value and enter 25 degrees.

    Regarding the percentages, 100% is a full 360 degree rotation, so 50% is a 180 rotation etc.
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    Loaded Palette knife angle

    Ok, Thanks Dave.

    I'll give it a go.


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