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Thread: Jot Touch Not Great With Pencil

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    Jot Touch Not Great With Pencil

    hi there

    Jot Touch does seem to work very well with brushes but I'm having trouble with the pencil.

    It's very hard to get a a good medium pressure - it's very very light with a light pressure then pretty much as soon as you press down on the stylus it goes to full darkness. Is there anything you can do to improve the calibration, for example so that the line starts to get darker sooner after applying pressure?

    Another way to say this is to ask whether the middle range can be extended. This would feel more like using a real pencil, where a medium pressure is the most commonly used pressure, and very light or very dark lines would be the exception.



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    One thing that you can do on a per tool basis in the settings panel is adjust the pressure slider. You can lower this for the pencil to smooth out the pressure curve. We will be looking at this further in future.
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    Ok, I tried it with 0% pressure and that's definitely an improvement. It could probably be tweaked further to extend the middle range.

    Additionally, I would suggest that most tools would benefit from some degree of size change along with a change in darkness gradient, relative to how much pressure is applied.

    For example with a pencil or pastel or even a felt tip pen you would expect the size to narrow with a lighter pressure.

    I see that it does this now with the flat brush and that works really well.

    Just some thoughts, for now let me say that iPad ArtRage and the Jot Touch stylus make an amazing combination.

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