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Thread: Time to complete an AR painting…

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    Time to complete an AR painting…

    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to ArtRage… And I'm loving it! It's a great software with my Bamboo Fun!

    And here are my questions :
    - Is there a function or a utility allowing me to record time spent on a painting ?
    - Where could I find some tutorial about AR ?

    Thank you a lot for your answer.

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    i don't think there is such thing as "recording" utility in Artrage,anyway not in the way you are looking for,but i'm sure there are plenty of "clock's" you can place on top of the screen, or even programs that "record" your mouse movements??For tutorials look inhere:

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    ArtRage studio pro has the script recorder, that can record a playback of your painting. It doesn't track the time, specifically, but you could always play the script and time it.
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