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Thread: Set up canvas for new painting

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    Set up canvas for new painting

    Hi, when creating a new painting I seem to make mistakes in teh beginning. I just start on a new canvas and realize later that the settings are not the best for what I actually want. In general I just want to be able to print full size on A4 or A3 and have a fine resolution. Of course I also want to have a nice screen in front of me which has a resolution of 1600x900. Is it possible to use presets for this? I have read the chapter in the manual and I understand it however need some practical rules of thumb advice and maybe some presets stored.

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    By default ArtRage will create a canvas the size of the window it appears in. If you set the application to run full screen (click the square icon with an up arrow in the menu bar) then every time you start the canvas will fill the screen automatically.

    If you want to create paintings that are to be printed at a specific size, use the 'Print Size' option in the New File dialog, which allows you to define the target printing size of the painting rather than having to work out how many pixels it requires.

    Presets that record sizes can be stored in the New File dialog, so once you have a size you like add a preset and it will be available from the popup whenever you create a new painting.
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    OK thanks, so now I created 4 print sizes as presets:

    A4 300 pixels/inch
    A4 600 pixels/inch

    A3 300 pixels/inch
    A3 600 pixels/inch

    I assume the 300 pixels/inch will look 'detailed' and the 600 pixels/inch will look 'very detailed' when printed.

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    It will depend on your printer as to the results. You could paint a stroke using both settings and compare. Most people seem to use 300 DPI at that sort of size from what I've seen in support.
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