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Thread: Antialias stuff

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    Antialias stuff

    Hi everyone.
    Firstly: Many thanks to the ones who prepared the Spanish version of AR interface.: It's superb nice to work with! ¡Muy bien hecho, chicos/chicas!
    I lately changed my OS to Windows 7 but I'm yet working with the old bamboo pen&touch special ed and screen setup 1280x1024.
    I use the new AR 3.5.5. and find that jagged borders of lines (particularly when zooming stright ink lines going tilted) are now more visible than before. Thinking It's a issue particular to my screen resolution, I changed it several times and tried other visualization issues on the screen, but yet the jaggign is present.
    I adjoin a screen capture to show what I'm trying to say.
    Is this normal or I'm wrong with screen resolution?
    NB: I've settled resolution and visualization to solve my own visual impairings. Name:  Captura_AR.JPG
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    Click the 'reset' button in the Ink Pen settings to make sure that your lines aren't set to be aliased. If this doesn't help, could you please send me a small painting file ( less than 10mb ) to with instructions on how you are zooming and what zoom level you are using when you see the problem and I'll take a look at it here.
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