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Thread: The Ballad of Piggotty Wood - iPad Edition

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    The Ballad of Piggotty Wood - iPad Edition

    Hi all
    I just had to post this here first since my picture book adventures are so inextricably linked to ArtRage.
    Some of you might remember I started a little project to practise 2D illustration here in 2009.
    Well, it has now become an iPad book with updated and new illustrations. As if that wasn't enough to get your tickers going, I had great fun creating a trailer for it with an ex bandmate and legendary fellow artragers, Byron Callas and Nick Harris!

    If you're interested, you can find more info at my website,
    Thanks for looking.

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    This is really neat, great job on the illustrations , shows talent.

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    , and thanks for sharing. No kids of my own but will have to check out the book!

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    Wow, this is gorgeously done! You are very talented
    "My art always looks better after a nip of Jack Daniels"

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    Hey, 100 stars Sav.
    // "Appreciation fosters well-being. Be well." - Byron
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    Issue 90 of ImagineFX has a news feature about Piggotty Wood iPad, whereupon I make the most of extolling ArtRage's virtues.

    "ArtRage proved to be the ideal platform to bring Sav's tale to life, and with stunning effect. Check out the high-resolution trailer on his site."

    "ArtRage just felt right for this project. I think there's an uncluttered elegance to the toolset which allows you to concentrate on the simple act of creating."

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