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Thread: My first drawing: Tiger

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    Welcome to the forums...a very majestic looking tiger
    Try to see as many angles of vision as single one of us has a "handle" on the whole picture.

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    is amazing!! well done!
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    :) nice

    Wow, for your 1st attempts at learning the program, and making it work as well as you did... I think it looks pretty damn amazing!! If you feel it expresses what you in-visioned when creating the masterpiece, then it doesn't have to be perfection in everyone else's eyes... its "your" vision so if it stimulates your mind to spring with inspiration, then you know it will touch hearts of many people who see it.. Im new to this page aswell today is my 1st day to register but ive had the bamboo pad/pen and artrage 3.5 studio since late September, I love arts of every kind.. I previously was focused on music non stop for years at a time.. now im back to being stuck on drawing, tagging, painting etc... it just feels like im productive when I can look at creations I enjoy.. Art is different just as each person is different.. thats what makes it so special and brilliant to me... I need some people to help me with a few things if anyone with alot of experience on these forums is avail for a few brief convo's or tips advisers lol then hit me up, although i dont know how to even really know when someone has hit me up yet...

    Well good sir, to sum it up... The Tiger.... ITSSSSS GREEEAAAATTTT and I cant believe its your 1st attempts at producing an image bc its fantastic... Im damn near ashamed to post mine and ive had a month or so to mess with artrage... its really good work tho.. I look forward to seeing art creation #2 from you! Keep up the amazing work and have an amazing day!!!!


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