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Thread: .col and .prs - how and where to save

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    .col and .prs - how and where to save

    I have found some files I would like to save on my studio pro version but despite several attempts I am failing to do so. I am not very technically minded but wondered if someone might have the patience to bullet point me through the process.

    The .prs is a perception sticker and the .col is a palette.

    Thank you in anticipation

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    Quote Originally Posted by suffolkgal View Post
    The .prs is a perception sticker
    Hi Suffolkgal,

    I just responded to question about this in my Comic Book Odds and Ends thread, but for the sake of anyone stopping by this thread looking for information on how to import a single .prs (preset file) and .stk (sticker file) into ArtRage, here is a link to a video I made showing how it's done: LINK.

    and the .col is a palette.
    .col files work with the Color Samples Panel. To use them, follow these steps:

    1. Assuming you've downloaded the .col file you're going to import, you must first open ArtRage.
    2. Click on the Sample Pod at the lower right side of the screen, to open the Color Samples Panel.
    3. On the Samples Panel, locate and click on the Menu Tab (it's the small, square button, with four horizontal lines), and then select one of the following two options:
      1. Import New Global Color Sample Set - to import the .col file as set that will be saved as a default color set, and will always open in ArtRage from that point on, until you remove the samples yourself.
      2. Import New Local Color Sample Set - to import the .col file as a set that will only be available to your currently active project (So upon closing and opening the program, this set will need to be reloaded, if you wish to use it).

    4. After you have selected one of the two options in the previous step, locate and open the .col file you wish to import via the browser window.

    And that should be it. The color samples panel should populate itself with the loaded .col file samples.
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    I was wanting to know how to install PhotoShop brushes the other day and found this page (see link) about installing different file types into AR, it covers .prs and .col files too.
    (The bit about .abr files is right at the bottom of the page.)
    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks, both of you, much appreciated

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