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Thread: Pencil tool: Actual line lagging behind cursor

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    Pencil tool: Actual line lagging behind cursor

    When using the pencil tool, I notice the actual line being drawn lags behind the cursor until you lift the pen from the tablet, when it then completes the line. This seems intuitive to me when using the brush tools, but not with the pencil tools; I just don't get it. It doesn't feel like a pencil.

    When I was searching for others that might not like this behavior (didn't find any), I came across this post on the forums: //
    Here DaveRage says that they are using a "rendered stroke rather than a dab based painting engine". That sounds great, but what benefit does it give the pencil tools? And if there is benefit, why does it seem that the stroke needs to lag what looks like almost an eighth of an inch (maybe more, it's hard to tell) behind the cursor? It feels like I can't draw where I want, and maybe that is just me needing to get used to looking at the cursor and imagining the line before it shows up. It just feels laggy to me and it's hard to end a stroke where I want to.

    For my curiosity, I would be interested in knowing why the behavior has to be like this for the pencil tool.

    And if there is any way to decrease this "lag", I would like to know that.

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    Due to the way that the simulation works we need to use a rendered stroke for any tools which interact with the canvas. The offset is there due to the way the system needs to calculate the passage of the tool over an area before the interactions that take place in that area can be rendered, as a result, the visible edge of the stroke does not meet the stylus input point. Using the 'precise' option in the pencil settings may reduce this.
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