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Thread: Some Photos Of The Sea

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    Some Photos Of The Sea

    I've been exploring my new stamping ground, looking for a place to go fishing and found this spot. This is Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland looking towards Ireland.

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    Photos look fantastic, some great artistic inspiration and scenes of tranquility.

    Never fished this type of beach myself - guess itíll be good for bass and flatties in the summer. Although I think Iíd just put my rod down, take in great lungfulls of the fresh sea air, listen to the rumble of the waves and ponder on the meaning of life.

    By contrast I live on the south coast, near Brighton. Unbelievably last bank holiday weekend, beach-goers left over 23 tonnes of rubbish on the beach. Great for trade (and seagulls), and of course, those people that actually like sitting in a landfill site. Enjoy those beaches up there!
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    Wow Matey you are so lucky to have views like that on your doorstep, hoping to see you painting them soon
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    I love the ones with the deep blue and the waves especially. Looks like a painting the one I'm thinking of -- straight on view of the choppy water and rock.

    Can only imagine a long boat coming in, Norse raiders. . . armed with ipads and cameras, snappin' oop all the countryside for their own. . . oh aye. . . 'Tis a fine re-enactment that ye done, lad. . .
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