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Thread: Wet palette knife erases color

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    Question Wet palette knife erases color

    I've noticed that the wet palette knife erases tube paint color when a line of tube paint is approached from the end. To see this, draw a line of tube paint. Then select the wet palette knife, width 100%, any pressure over say 50% and all other settings to 0%. When approaching the line so the knife first touches the end of the tube paint line, the paint will be erased. However, when approaching perpendicular to the line, the paint will blur and react as expected with no loss of paint mass. Is this a bug or is this the expected behavior? It seems odd to me that this erases paint but only when approaching the end of a line of paint.
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    When you're hitting a stroke end-on, you're running into a relatively thinner mass of paint on the canvas ( less paint for the brush head to touch ) so it's breaking down more. The wet knife is basically 'diluting' the paint so there's less paint over time. When you run into the stroke from the side, there's more red paint in the tool head area for blending.
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