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    input device settings


    I have a small issue where if i draw a line sometimes the first moment of the stroke doesnt get recorded.. it is fine if i hold the pen on the surface for a moment before making the stroke, it happens when you quickly make a stroke.

    I have been playing around wit input device settings 'Realtime stylus', 'wintab' and 'precise' tablet, but dont actually have a clue what any of these setting actually mean, what is needed and what isnt? I just want it as normal as possible with nothing fancy.

    I notice when i use artrage a get the ripple animation effect when left clicking on the windows desktop (which I previously disabled), could this be related? as when you install the wacom by defualt you get this annoying ripple thing, and a lag when you left click drag on the desktop.

    can i somehow get rid of this ripple, maybe it would fix it.


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    It will depend on your system configuration as to which one is best. By default realtime stylus ( Microsoft's tablet input system ) is used if it's present when you have both enabled. Try disabling realtime stylus and leave wintab on. This will use the other tablet input standard so if you have any Windows stylus settings which are interfering ( the ripple likely comes from realtime stylus ) this should prevent that.

    If that doesn't help, please email me at with the model of Wacom tablet you're using, whether you're using the latest drivers or not, what operating system you're using and which version of ArtRage you're using and I can do some further troubleshooting with you directly.
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    just having wintab on seems to work well.

    though sometimes the ripple seems to come back randomly and it is at these times it misses part of the stroke. I think its some genius invention to 'help' with using a wacom.

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