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Thread: Getting typed text into pictures

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    Getting typed text into pictures

    I've just bought the full version and am impressed. I need to type text into my picture and have been totally confused by the threads touching this subject. I don't have a tablet PC but do have an AIPTEK 12000 USB tablet. How do I get text in there?!

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    i use artrage only for my handwritten signature.... if i had to have some text there i use freeware GIMP (free photoshop :P )....

    try it!


    Artrage 2.6 & Wacom Intuos 3 A5
    XP SP2

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    maror is right. There's no type tool in ArtRage. If you need text, you'd need to just write on your tablet, like with a pen on paper. If you need typewritten text, then you'll need to create it in another application and import it as a layer in ArtRage.

    Hope that clarifies things for you.

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