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Thread: Issues layering colors and getting natural media subtractive color results

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    Issues layering colors and getting natural media subtractive color results

    Ok, sorry this is so quick on the other, but I just noticed this--
    If I paint on one layer and turn on Real Color Blending, I get good effects-- mix yellow and blue and get green, right? But if I put yellow on one layer and blue on the next, I get grey wherever they overlap. It doesn't change even if I change the blend modes-- atleast I haven't found one yet.

    Is there a solution to this problem?

    I would be fine if Multiply, for example, acted just like it does in PS and other applications, but it would be very very nice to have a blend mode-- say, that Watercolor one that really acts so much like Multiply right now-- that actually visually blended translucent color between layers the way it would be if I were painting with natural media watercolors. Then I could layer my colors on separate layers and get the right colors where they overlap. Perhaps this is already possible, and I'm just missing the boat on this one.... ????

    If there's not, and you could make a blend mode that did this, you'd be the first ones in the game that I know of that would have this capability-- Painter doesn't, as far as I know, and I'm pretty sure PS doesn't either. Paint Tool Sai definitely doesn't. The truth is that this is important to how I paint as a watercolor artist. I like how Multiply works in terms of value-- that part is very nice-- I just need it to mix colors appropriately, and it doesn't do that.
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    The watercolour blend mode adjusts the properties of the blend based on the opacity of the pigment, which is why it differs from a standard multiply, but it doesn't use the real colour blending system.

    At the moment there's no layer blend mode that mimics the real colour blending model. The calculations involved for the blend are more complex than the standard math functions that are used for the Photsohop style blend modes (more complex than standard subtractive blends too) and we haven't looked in to it at this point, that could change in the future.
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