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Thread: Keyboard shortcuts and rotating the tracing image

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    Keyboard shortcuts and rotating the tracing image

    Hi, I just figured I'd offer a small suggestion.

    I may just not be able to find resources that tell me how to do this (I've looked on the FAQ etc), but I think it would be good to map the transform command to a keyboard shortcut. I find that transform is something I want to use often, and it could be quite helpful.

    The other suggestion is that currently the tracing image is able to be resized and moved with manual scale, but you cannot rotate it. This could be helpful as well to me and I'm sure others.


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    Thanks for the suggestions. Regarding the transform tool, you can access it via the keyboard shortcut Shift + T, or set your own keyboard shortcut in Edit -> Set Keyboard Shortcuts -> Tool Commands. I hope this helps!
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