Hi there,
from the FB page of Windows I've discovered that the old MS Paint has been refreshed.
Additional information can be found here http://blogs.technet.com/b/next/arch...nes-paint.aspx

The described approach is similar to AR as it aim to mimic the real media.
I've promptly installed the sw and briefly tested it with the mouse.

Of course it's only a free basic application and it's light year far from AR potential, but it might be a simpler tool for kids to approach painting.
What might be oil paint is displayed realistically and the same is for canvas. All the other feature are very basic: brushes hair do not follow the movement, not impressive pencil and chalk performance, no watercolor, etc.

The only feature I would like to see transferred to AR is the fact you can prepare the color on a separate space just like in real life and then using those to paint on the canvas.

If have any chance to test it pls let me know what do you think.