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Thread: YouTube Video Series- How to Paint With Watercolors in Artrage

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    Another thanks

    They were the first Artrage videos I watched,then I watched them 4 more times. Since I have 0 ZERO training in art I found them very helpful. Thanks, 5 times, I guess.

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    Hey, that's very cool news!

    I would hope that even if you didn't want to use the watercolor tool, there might be a lot of useful info about how the program works and what you can get out of it in the videos.

    If you have any stuff that you'd like to have me cover, please let me know. Eventually, I hope to make more videos. Life has been very busy the last few months, and I've not been able to find the time for these again, but it doesn't mean I'm not interested.
    Check out and submit to the thread on Watercolor WIPs in Artrage-- lots of good tips and conversation
    My YouTube video tutorial series- How to Paint with Watercolors in Artrage
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    Artrage Pen-Only Toolbar to improve your workflow and reduce clutter
    List of other good tutorials on using watercolors in Artrage
    List of good sticker sprays for watercolor effects in Artrage

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    I found your tutorials whilst surfing for infomation on AR, and being a complete and utter noobee to digital art and AR found them to be very helpful. Thank you so much for doing them, I shall be popping back and forth for a looksee

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