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Thread: YouTube Video Series- How to Paint With Watercolors in Artrage

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    YouTube Video Series- How to Paint With Watercolors in Artrage

    I've been doing a series of video tutorials on YouTube covering how I paint with watercolors in Artrage, in particular with a natural media focus. Right now, I've got 6+ videos up, each about 10 minutes long on average. They cover things like Layer Textures, using Layers for Glazing, making Masks, doing Wet into Wet techniques, how to achieve Dry Brush results, etc. I've been haphazardly posting links in my Watercolor WIPs thread, but it was suggested I ought to house all the links in a single thread, where others might find them more easily.

    So... that's what this is. As I produce more videos, I'll continue to update this first post in the thread. Of course, if you've got questions or thoughts or responses, please feel free to reply! I'll reply too, and just keep this first post available for additional new info on the video series.

    #1- Texture Overlays-
    Here I go into the first basic technique I always use. Importing a texture, I apply it to my painting BEFORE I start painting. This lets me experience those ambient inner textures that make watercolors texturally rich as I paint, rather than as a post-processing effect.

    #2- Dry Brush and Wet on Wet Techniques-
    This one is about using Layer Textures and various Brush Settings to get good dry brush effects, and about Locking Transparency and painting on the same layer to get wet into wet results.

    #3- Layers-
    I go over how I use layers and blend modes in Artrage to recreate the natural media effect of drying my translucent applications of color one wash at a time. This can give some nice results that really start to look like natural media watercolors.

    #4- Brush Settings-
    This one is all about the Watercolor brush settings. I go over what each of them does, how I set them, and which ones I basically leave alone. Thinner and Loading settings are covered in depth, because I use them alot, but there are some other effects that use the other settings, and they're covered as well.

    Here I talk about the Palette Knife, and how I use it with the watercolors. We go into various effects I get and which Presets I commonly use to get them. There's some real nice watery, bleeding results you can get with the Palette Knife, so it's can really be critical for certain types of watercolors.

    #5b- Preset Groups-
    This is a supplementary video that covers how to make your own custom Preset groups. I apply it to the Palette Knife, but it can be done for any tool with Presets. This can be nice if you sometimes paint in different styles. There are lots of Presets, but only a few relate to watercolor work. This can help you reduce the clutter.

    #6- Layers Pt 2: Layer Masks and Glazing-
    This is the second video on Layers and how I use them. It covers how I replicate the making of Layer Masks in Artrage (thank you Someonesane!) and how I then use them to allow me to glaze my tones and colors down. Glazing and the usage of Masks, as I describe it, can be very useful for complicated images that have lots of detail.

    #7- Sticker Sprays-
    I go into which Sticker Sprays I use a lot and what effects I get with them specifically, as well as how I generally approach the usage of Stickers Sprays in my paintings. I also discuss how I make specialized Presets and discuss general organization of my Sticker Sprays to improve my work flow.

    Upcoming-- !! Oh lala!
    #0- Basic Setup
    #8- Layers pt 3: Blend Modes
    #9- More than one Layer Texture

    as well as, potentially, some supplementary videos that flesh out some missing details from certain subjects (like a #1b, with some additional info on Texture Overlays, for example, or a #5c on Palette Knife settings, or a #7b on Sticker Spray settings, etc. We'll see.)

    Artrage Pen-Only Demo Video-
    Additionally, I've made a video going over the custom toolbar I use while working in Artrage-- the Artrage Pen-Only Toolbar. You'll see it here and there in my videos. This is an unofficial Artrage "add-on" that I've been developing with someone else. It allows you to more completely use Artrage with just your pen (no keyboard, or almost none at all), and takes fuller advantage of the Clear Canvas mode. I'm planning on sharing it soon. We're just ironing out the last few wrinkles.
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